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  • Salesforce Hyperforce Will Unlock A New Level of Global Compliance

    On December 20th of this year, Salesforce seemingly silently released the news of Salesforce Hyperforce. While Salesforce Hyperforce has not garnered some of the attention that other Salesforce products have gotten upon public release, it is an absolute game changer for Salesforce’s global expansion and governance in Europe, China, India, and more. That’s because the…

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  • What Is Heroku? | Ask An Expert

    Introduction Heroku was one of the first Platform As A Service providers beginning development way back in 2007. Offering containerized runtime environments – Heroku focused on creating an easy-to-use, developer-centric environment that abstracts much of the systems overhead and lets teams focus on writing amazing code.  Originally built for Ruby, Heroku now offers official support…

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  • Data Migrations and The Importance of Centralizing Your Transformation Code

    When discussing data migrations, I often talk about the importance of “repairability”, the ability to fix data caused by an error in your data migration, weeks or even months post go live. In fact, some time ago I wrote an article on that exact subject. In that article I briefly mentioned the importance of centralizing…

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