• Emerging Themes for The Future of Professional Services

    Constantly evolving economic and social factors are forcing consulting companies of all sizes and industries to innovate. They’re re-writing their play books to usher in a new set of standards from work-from-anywhere, to diversity, equity and inclusion, to increased regulatory compliance standards ushered introduced by the current state of the world. What all of these…

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  • Taking Ownership Of Your Most Valuable Asset: Yourself

    If you’re like me, you don’t read a lot of blogs. You might throw them a “like” on LinkedIn and Twitter every once in a while to show support to people you follow. The most long-form content you read on a regular basis is likely from newsletters like Morning Brew, The Skimm, or some other…

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  • COVID-19 | Leading Your Non-Profit Through Crisis

    The Covid-19 pandemic is creating new, and constantly-evolving reality that is creating unique and complex challenges for non-profits. The impact is farther reaching than most could have anticipated. Across all industries, everyone is feeling the pinch – especially non-profits. The team at Plative is committed to helping as many non-profits as we can during this…

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  • COVID-19 | The Impact on Private Markets

    Introduction The world as we know it is changing. How we all react will have far-reaching implications on ourselves, our families, our businesses, and our communities. The way that private and public market companies conduct business is evolving out of necessity, for now, and will continue this evolution well into the future. Normally, highly capitalized…

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