• NetSuite and ASC 606 Revenue Management | Ask An Expert

    NetSuite Revenue Management NetSuite’s powerful revenue management tools are in high demand since the passing of new accounting rules; ASC 606.  This set of rules is designed to improve consistency in reporting revenue in and across industries and ideally simplify financial reporting. The new set of guidelines requires companies to really think about when revenue should…

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  • Planning Your NetSuite Implementation Team

    Recently we were asked to comment on the in’s and out’s of building a NetSuite Implementation team. Should the members be contract or permanent? Anderson Frank has written a blog post on the topic and I think it’s a useful overview of the thinking. At Plative, we think there should be a balance between having…

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  • GSD Company (Now Plative) Acquires Audaxium, Expands to NetSuite Practice

    At GSD, our mission since day one has been enabling our mutual customers to maximize their investment in the world’s most innovative technology by building robust and industry-focused solutions to fit their ever-evolving needs. Today, our capabilities just became stronger than ever before. We have acquired Toronto-based Audaxium, a 10-year-old Oracle NetSuite Alliance and Suite…

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  • ASC 606: How Salesforce CPQ Helps Navigate New Revenue Recognition Rules

    First of all… What is ASC 606? ASC 606 is a new rule issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board to standardize how companies of all sizes, verticals, and locations will recognize revenue from contracts with customers. In a nutshell, this rule focuses on adhering to principles that ensure a company’s recognized revenue accurately reflects…

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