• On Demand Webinar: Salesforce and NetSuite – Better Together

    👉 Click here to register for the on-demand recording of our webinar! 👈   Salesforce and NetSuite Integration: a subject very near and dear to our hearts here at Plative. This webinar was ran by our NetSuite practice and covers a deep dive across NetSuite and Salesforce common functionalities, integration methods, and a demonstration of…

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  • Automating Product Quoting with NetSuite

    NetSuite allows sales representatives to be able to easily handle quoting or product configuration.  When quoting with NetSuite, sometimes it’s necessary to validate the items that can be selected based on more sophisticated logic.  In cases like this, we will typically build a custom item configurator for NetSuite.  Item Configurator is a custom suitelet that…

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  • Getting Started With Oracle NetSuite Custom Portlets

    What is a Portlet in NetSuite? Before we talk about NetSuite custom portlets, let’s define a portlet. A portlet is essentially a visual plug-in that you can add and arrange on your NetSuite dashboard to highlight certain information. It gives you a snapshot of your business, and the portlet options allow you to tailor your…

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  • Combine NetSuite and Salesforce Data In Einstein Analytics

    When Plative entered the ERP space, NetSuite was an obvious choice, it’s a top tier ERP, its cloud-based, and from a user base perspective, it has significant overlap with Salesforce. As you can imagine we do quite a bit of NetSuite\Salesforce integration work and depending on the requirements, the project can be time-intensive. That’s why…

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