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  • Salesforce or NetSuite: Which Platform is Best for Contract Management?

    Contract Management is available in both Salesforce and NetSuite. When customers work with both solutions, it is important to understand the overlap of Contract and Contract Items that will activate, renew, upsell, and down-sell contracts. There is no silver bullet solution because the result will largely depend on the client’s specific scenario, however, we can…

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  • Plative is a NetSuite Alliance Partner Spotlight Winner!

      We are so proud to announce at Plative that we have been honored by NetSuite as a Summer 2022 NetSuite Alliance Partner Spotlight Winner. Plative is being recognized as the Alliance Partner Spotlight Winner for Financial Services for work with Cohen & Company. Plative would not have been able to achieve this award without…

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  • Dreamforce and SuiteWorld Survival Guide

    How to with Woo: Dreamforce and SuiteWorld Survival Guide With the ending of summer comes the tradeshow season. This month’s installment I thought we’d take a break from our regularly scheduled NetSuite topics to give those about to attend Dreamforce and/or SuiteWorld a bit of a survival guide.  As someone who’s been to many shows…

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  • NetSuite Other Relationships

    NetSuite Other Relationships In today’s business environment, B2B relationships are becoming increasingly complicated. With more than three-quarters of companies looking to deepen relationships and collaborate with their suppliers, the lines between suppliers, customers and partners will continue to blur. For new users of NetSuite, it may not be obvious how to build these relationships because…

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