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Einstein vs Tableau vs Custom Development: Salesforce BI Comparison

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  • COVID-19 | Leading Your Non-Profit Through Crisis

    The Covid-19 pandemic is creating new, and constantly-evolving reality that is creating unique and complex challenges for non-profits. The impact is farther reaching than most could have anticipated. Across all industries, everyone is feeling the pinch – especially non-profits. The team at Plative is committed to helping as many non-profits as we can during this…

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  • Ask An Expert | Managing Donations With Multiple Entities In Salesforce

    I love helping organizations raise money. Charitable giving has substantially increased over the years. The latest report from Giving USA highlighted that giving has increased year-over-year (with a few exceptions) since 1977. Similarly, the ways in which people give have also proliferated. One of the most notable vehicles is a gift from donors made through…

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  • The Connected Non-Profit: Change Management and Driving Adoption On Salesforce

    One of the most commonly overlooked components of any Salesforce project is ensuring successful change management practices and driving ongoing adoption across the platform. Since this is such a hot-button topic with many of our Non-Profit clients at Plative, we brought together some like-minded Non-Profit leaders and workshopped the topic.  The desired outcome of this…

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