• Creating GAU Allocations in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

    Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud General Accounting Units and Allocations is a fantastic feature that allows nonprofits to designate their donations to one or more funds.  This gives donors the ability to choose where their donation dollars are being spent and gives them a greater sense of the impact they’re making to your organization. Out of the…

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  • Nonprofit Marketing Automation Trends for The New Normal

    For nonprofit marketing automation best practices as we drive towards the new normal together, there is no shortage of literature available on the subject. As local communities adjust, it’s safe to say that there is still yet to appear a “silver bullet” in how to communicate with your constituents. While some areas of the US…

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  • Preparing for Salesforce Data Migration with Nonprofit Success Pack

    For many nonprofit organizations, choosing to invest in Salesforce and creating your Salesforce data migration strategy to a brand new CRM can be exciting. However, one challenge that can present itself is not knowing how to fit legacy data into Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack architecture. This is a crucial step for ensuring that users will…

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  • FormAssembly and Salesforce for Nonprofits

    Throughout my career in the Salesforce ecosystem, there are moments where the same feature request will bubble up for 4 or 5 different customers, and its solution lies just beyond the core capability of Salesforce. In the past, it’s been everything from Salesforce to Quickbooks integration, mapping capabilities, or advanced quoting. Over the last few…

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