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  • #plativegamechangers | Meet Bendel Macalino!

    Meet Our GameChanger, Brendel Macalino – NetSuite Consultant at Plative!  What do you do at Plative?  I am a NetSuite Consultant. That means my day-to-day consists of internal sync meetings, meetings with clients, and regular discussions with my direct teammates I also help with Q/A work on implementations, functional consulting for clients, and NetSuite development…

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  • #PlativeGameChangers | Meet Akanksha!

    Meet Akanksha – Salesforce Business Analyst at Plative!  Fun Facts:  Believe it or not, my favorite way to de-stress is to create SF applications! Working towards professional projects is a break from my, sometimes stressful, personal life. I really enjoy sunrises. I always try to wake up early enough to enjoy them – but only…

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  • #PlativeGameChangers | Meet Moumita Banik!

    Meet Moumita Banik – NetSuite Consultant at Plative!  Fun Facts:  I want to be someone who’s kind, compassionate, and helps others, whether I am remembered for it or not. I believe kindness can change lives and heal wounds. As a teenager, I had a dream to go on a solo trip to Paris by the…

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  • #PlativeGameChangers | Meet Mickela Miller!

    Meet Mickela Miller – Marketing Associate at Plative!  Fun Facts:  I’ve been to Costa Rica about six times – my parents live there so we visit as often as we can!  I served as a Juror for a week-long civil case and we found the defendant guilty!  Might not be a fun fact… but I…

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