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  • Planning Your Data Integrations with Salesforce

    Over the last decade, the transition to the cloud has become a catalyst for many security and data breaches for companies of all sizes. This risk compounds when an organization’s data becomes in transit across multiple systems that are implemented in parallel. The question remains: how do we build a safe and efficient data integration…

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  • Preparing for the New Salesforce MFA Requirements

    Data protection and security are top of mind for many organizations and having technology that enables the highest level of security is vital. As more businesses transition to remote work environments, it’s even more important to have stronger security measures in place. Salesforce is always working on ways to better serve their customers, including data…

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  • Crypto Philanthropy: Powered by Salesforce and NetSuite

    Nobody can deny that 2021 was a banner year for crypto. As the global crypto market cap skyrocketed past $3 trillion, banner currencies like Bitcoin and Etherium notched brand new all-time-highs while newer, more volatile currencies like DOGE and SHIB have made more risk-tolerant retail investors overnight multi-millionaires. These factors rewarded long-term holders handsomely and…

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  • Salesforce or NetSuite: Which Platform is Best for Contract Management?

    Contract Management is available in both Salesforce and NetSuite. When customers work with both solutions, it is important to understand the overlap of Contract and Contract Items that will activate, renew, upsell, and down-sell contracts. There is no silver bullet solution because the result will largely depend on the client’s specific scenario, however, we can…

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