• Get a Grip on Salesforce Activities

    Salesforce Activities help facilitate the story of an organization & its customers’ experience. They are key components of facilitating workflows on platform & transcend it in the form of meetings & other interactions. A helpful way to think of activities is as both the glue that binds entities & the lubrication that ensures all the…

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  • Branding Your Salesforce Community Cloud Implementation With a Custom Favicon

    Have you ever tried to replace the standard Salesforce cloud favicon to give that last final branding touch to your Salesforce Community Cloud implementation? If so, you know that it can be tricky. There could be different combinations of operating systems, browsers, types of files, and cached cookies that you would need to take into…

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  • Step Up to Einstein Analytics for Salesforce

    Einstein Analytics for Salesforce replacing the “Quarterly Performance” default dashboard to bring critical and actionable performance analytics to the first screen I view when I log into Salesforce. My Beef With Traditional Reporting As a sales leader, most of my Salesforce requirements revolve around the following principle: I need my CRM to be an excellent…

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  • Preparing for Salesforce Data Migration with Nonprofit Success Pack

    For many nonprofit organizations, choosing to invest in Salesforce and creating your Salesforce data migration strategy to a brand new CRM can be exciting. However, one challenge that can present itself is not knowing how to fit legacy data into Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack architecture. This is a crucial step for ensuring that users will…

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