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Einstein vs Tableau vs Custom Development: Salesforce BI Comparison

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  • Salesforce Shield Implementation | Securing Your Sensitive Data

    Secure Your Most Sensitive Data With Salesforce Shield Salesforce is the most widely adopted CRM platform in the world. With this, comes the responsibility of transmitting and storing very sensitive data from the world’s top companies. Salesforce takes this very seriously and released Salesforce Shield back in 2015. Salesforce Shield introduces a suite of compliance…

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  • Combine NetSuite and Salesforce Data In Einstein Analytics

    When Plative entered the ERP space, NetSuite was an obvious choice, it’s a top tier ERP, its cloud-based, and from a user base perspective, it has significant overlap with Salesforce. As you can imagine we do quite a bit of NetSuite\Salesforce integration work and depending on the requirements, the project can be time-intensive. That’s why…

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  • Capital Markets Data Intelligence, Powered By Salesforce

    Salesforce should improve your firm’s data intelligence, not complicate it. Our capital markets practice routinely receives calls from our partners and clients asking us for Preqin, Pitchbook, CapIQ, and Equilar integrations to Salesforce frequently. What’s more important is how their peers in the industry are leveraging Salesforce as an output device, rather than another silo’d…

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  • Salesforce NetSuite Integration | Better Together

      Customer Engagement and ERP All eyes are on how we can improve visibility across companies and create centralized sources of truth for the entire customer lifecycle from lead, to quote, to order, to cash and then to revenue recognition. Many of the companies we speak with are struggling to maintain an accurate source of…

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