• The Connected Non-Profit: Change Management and Driving Adoption On Salesforce

    One of the most commonly overlooked components of any Salesforce project is ensuring successful change management practices and driving ongoing adoption across the platform. Since this is such a hot-button topic with many of our Non-Profit clients at Plative, we brought together some like-minded Non-Profit leaders and workshopped the topic.  The desired outcome of this…

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  • Enable Field Sets to be Used as Standard Lightning Components Using Quick Actions! | Ask an Expert

    Salesforce has come a very long way with regards to the design of page layouts and record page customization. However, every now and again, a client will ask us for a solution that seems simple to them, only to find out that there is some design limitation which can only be overcome through the use of…

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  • What Is Heroku? | Ask An Expert

    Introduction Heroku was one of the first Platform As A Service providers beginning development way back in 2007. Offering containerized runtime environments – Heroku focused on creating an easy to use, developer centric environment that abstracts much of the systems overhead and lets teams focus on writing amazing code.  Originally built for Ruby, Heroku now…

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  • Ask an Expert: When is Salesforce CPQ necessary?

    Introduction “In 2019, every company is a professional services company.” The statement above is an exaggeration, but it’s close to what I’ve been telling many of Plative’s customers in recent years.  What I mean is that, it is rare in a cloud boosted tech economy that companies are only selling hardware, or only selling software. …

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