Founded by teachers for teachers, BetterLesson began in 2008 with a single mission—to provide a simple way for educators to connect and share high-quality lesson plans. Today, BetterLesson has over 1.4 million registered members and offers over a million lessons from their community and Master Teachers, a highly selective group of the nation’s best educators.


Business Case

Where Quickbooks could not provide the functionality that BetterLesson required, the team relied on spreadsheets to supplement the gaps. As the company continued to grow and they continued to outgrow Quickbooks, they also needed to integrate with Salesforce and their event ‘lab’. BetterLesson also faced challenges in recognizing deferred revenue based on activation or event completion in an automated schedule.



Plative worked with Better Lesson on a Salesforce CPQ implementation and a custom point-to-point integration between their Salesforce instance and Oracle NetSuite for the account and transactional data. An integration with Airbase and their accounts payable subsystem was also completed. Lastly, SuiteSuccess Services and Custom Script were used for coaching sessions and events in NetSuite. A custom Delivery Event record was built to trigger fulfillment as events are delivered and when coaching begins. 



The integration between Salesforce and NetSuite increased automation and efficiency for Better Lesson. Order entry and customer creation are automated by the Salesforce integration and auto-fulfillment when events are completed triggering revenue plan creation for recognition in NetSuite. Accounts payable processes including billing, expense reports, and payments are automated from Airbase. The Better Lesson Airbase users also had minimal changes to their processes allowing for a seamless transition. 


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Salesforce & NetSuite: Better Together

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