Brooks Instrument the global leader in precision fluid measurement and control technology and they deliver results that consistently create a competitive advantage for their customers.

Their instrumentation engineers and application specialists focus on solving real-world process challenges. They help selecting and configuring the optimum combination of flow, pressure and vacuum devices that raise the performance and results of your systems and processes to new levels.


Brooks had direct and indirect sales with no CRM in place. There was also no standardization and automation for sales lead and opportunity management. This created limited visibility into the pipeline. Brooks also had a homegrown CPQ system and multiple systems for support: RMA Process, Field Service.

Solution Overview

Plative implemented Experience Cloud for return authorizations & service requests. FSL was also implemented to handle resource allocation based on skill, territory, and availability. Plaitve also implemented Sales Cloud for lead and opportunity management and automation.


Brooks now has integration with Homegrown CPQ system to eliminate swivel chair approach. A new single south of truth has been created within the organization. Inefficient processes were eliminated and replaced by a streamlined system.


  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Salesforce Field Service Lightning
  • Salesforce Experience Cloud


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