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Digital transformation for the end-to-end lifecycle of a product requires the disruption and introduction of many systems including ERP, inventory management, CPQ, point of sale, eCommerce, and CRM. There is no single platform which will claim to be the best in each one, which is why our diverse team of industry experts specializes in the best-in-class, quadrant-leading technologies from Salesforce, Oracle NetSuite, and Amazon Web Services to build exceptional end-to-end solutions that deliver second to none outcomes.

When you partner with Plative, you’ll work with experts who possess extensive backgrounds in both enterprise technology and go-to-market strategy. They’ll furnish the insights, tools, and action you need to strengthen your  foothold in the modern marketplace—and transform your business for the next generation of commerce.

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How We Tie it All Together

Qualify your target buyers—and nail your niche

Gain Insight Into Your Business

When your business systems all communicate and pass information between each other, the benefits include managing your inventory, tracking projects, reduce waste, and predicting the needs of your customers.

Adopt a more fluid approach to pricing

Build Efficiencies In Your Process

Encourage self-service by creating and enabling your customers to leverage channels that they already use every day for self-help. The same technology will enable you to collaborate with your partners and automate requests and returns more easily.

Manage recurring and subscription revenue

Maximize Sales Productivity

Unlock insight into the customers with the highest propensity to buy, then engage with them and provide them with quotations or relevant content based on the products and services they are most likely to move forward. Never miss an opportunity to onboard a new customer or cross-sell your valuable products.

Build an end-to-end technical sales process

Reconcile Finances and Reduce Waste

With NetSuite ERP connected to your tech stack, you will not miss a single order, product, or sale. Your sales team can continue selling, and finance team can rest assured that your general ledger and statements will not miss any critical information.

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