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Making a socially beneficial impact is not an easy job. Small budgets, competition for donors, multiple stakeholders, intense public scrutiny—the obstacles that accompany a 501(c)(3) filing are not insignificant. We applaud your commitment, and we’re here to help.

In more instances than you may realize, the challenges you face are hurdles that can be overcome. All it takes is the right digital strategy. New tools and systems can open up a world of support, efficiency, and opportunity for your team. We’ll show you how. Talk with a Plative nonprofit specialist today about increasing your impact.

Speak with a Plative nonprofit specialist.

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How we can help you—so you can help others

Build an end-to-end technical sales process

Fundraising Management

Keep tabs on all donations, peer-to-peer fundraising, and corporate gifts in one central repository to maximize fundraising efforts and increase charitable giving.

Adopt a more fluid approach to pricing

Volunteer Management

Staff, manage, and organize your volunteers efficiently—including shifts, locations, time tracking, and personnel details—all in a single solution.

Qualify your target buyers—and nail your niche

Program Management

Manage all your program and fundraiser details—enrollment and registration, attendance tracking, scheduling, and case management—in one place to eliminate surprises and maximize success.

Manage recurring and subscription revenue

Grant Management

Whether you're a grantmaker, or an organization applying for a grant, manage everything on the same platform that your institutional and corporate grantmakers and recipients exist in—for easy access and streamlined execution.

Qualify your target buyers—and nail your niche

General Ledger and Financial Reporting

See all financial information, including one-time gifts, recurring gifts, major gifts, grants, soft credits, tributes, and more—on one centralized dashboard, ensuring your team is always aware of where they are in relation to their goals

Manage recurring and subscription revenue

Constituent Engagement

Attract new donors and volunteers, solicit donations from current donors, engage with alumni, increase awareness, retain members, and more.

Speak with a Plative nonprofit specialist.

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