• My Plative Journey | Jagriti Dahiya

    I still remember my first video call with Plative, back then called GSD Company. During the recruiting process,  I met 5 people across different locations. Throughout the process, the 5 interviewers who are located from different locations, highlighted the importance of the company’s core values and based the interview questions on the values, which are…

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  • Step Up to Einstein Analytics for Salesforce

    Einstein Analytics for Salesforce replacing the “Quarterly Performance” default dashboard to bring critical and actionable performance analytics to the first screen I view when I log into Salesforce. My Beef With Traditional Reporting As a sales leader, most of my Salesforce requirements revolve around the following principle: I need my CRM to be an excellent…

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  • Trends for Project Success From our Director of Engineering

    Throughout my career, I have seen projects big and small lead to great successes and less-than-ideal outcomes. In fact, one memory that has stuck with me throughout is that of my very first job straight out of college. The year was 2009. The firm that I was working for at the time had embarked on…

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  • Preparing for Salesforce Data Migration with Nonprofit Success Pack

    For many nonprofit organizations, choosing to invest in Salesforce and creating your Salesforce data migration strategy to a brand new CRM can be exciting. However, one challenge that can present itself is not knowing how to fit legacy data into Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack architecture. This is a crucial step for ensuring that users will…

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