• Breaking: Embed Tableau Dashboards in Salesforce With Lightning Web Component

    Tableau users rejoice: You can now embed Tableau Dashboards in Salesforce! We noted in a previous blog about differences between Einstein Analytics, Tableau, and others, that Einstein’s competitive differentiator is the tool’s ability to embed dashboards in Salesforce records. With the release of Tableau Viz Lightning Web Component, that’s no longer the case. On September…

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  • On Demand Webinar: Salesforce and NetSuite – Better Together

    👉 Click here to register for the on-demand recording of our webinar! 👈   Salesforce and NetSuite Integration: a subject very near and dear to our hearts here at Plative. This webinar was ran by our NetSuite practice and covers a deep dive across NetSuite and Salesforce common functionalities, integration methods, and a demonstration of…

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  • Creating GAU Allocations in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

    Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud General Accounting Units and Allocations is a fantastic feature that allows nonprofits to designate their donations to one or more funds.  This gives donors the ability to choose where their donation dollars are being spent and gives them a greater sense of the impact they’re making to your organization. Out of the…

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  • On Demand Webinar: Empowering Alternative Investment Professionals to Execute at The Highest Level

    Click here to get the webinar on-demand to view any time! Learn how the world’s top private equity firms, hedge funds, and investment banks use Salesforce to limit downtime, integrate data, and execute at the highest level. On this webinar, we cover:  Technology trends in private equity and hedge funds Salesforce for investor relations Salesforce…

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