• Automating Product Quoting with NetSuite

    NetSuite allows sales representatives to be able to easily handle quoting or product configuration.  When quoting with NetSuite, sometimes it’s necessary to validate the items that can be selected based on more sophisticated logic.  In cases like this, we will typically build a custom item configurator for NetSuite.  Item Configurator is a custom suitelet that…

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  • Pardot Authentication Model: What’s Changing in February 2021

    You may have received recent “in-app” notifications or an email regarding an upcoming change to the Pardot authentication model and process. To help boil down what this means for your Pardot users we have assembled a few questions and answers to ensure you are prepared for the change. With the updates not taking place until…

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  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Update #2: Our Commitment to Being the Change We Want to See in the World

    Last week, I posted an update on behalf of the firm regarding our stance on the inhumane and unacceptable acts committed by Minneapolis police against George Floyd which was the final straw in a long pattern of unjust and downright abhorrent treatment towards African Americans by law enforcement. Many of us have been significantly impacted…

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  • Emerging Themes for The New State of Professional Services

    Constantly evolving economic and social factors are forcing consulting companies of all sizes and industries to innovate. They’re re-writing their play books to usher in a new set of standards from work-from-anywhere, to diversity, equity and inclusion, to increased regulatory compliance standards ushered introduced by the current state of the world. What all of these…

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