• Consulting Magazine Names Plative on The List of The Profession’s Fastest Growing Firms For 2019

    Press Release Across The Web: PR Newswire Markets Insider The firm’s growth in 2019 is apparent by it’s recent expansion in The US, Canada, and India, coupled with its recent acquisition of Toronto-based Oracle NetSuite consulting partner, Audaxium. The firm boasts deep expertise providing Salesforce, Oracle NetSuite, Amazon Web Services, and Heroku consulting and advisory to internationally recognized…

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  • #PlativeGameChangers | Meet Sara Walther!

    Meet Sara Walther, Salesforce Consultant at Plative! Fun Facts: I was on the Math Track Team in High School. I used to cocktail waitress at Harvey’s Casino in Tahoe, graveyard shift. Nevada sunrises hold a special place in my heart. My cousin and I met two nurses, Patti & Paige, while road tripping through Costa…

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  • Planning Your NetSuite Implementation Team

    Recently we were asked to comment on the in’s and out’s of building a NetSuite Implementation team. Should the members be contract or permanent? Anderson Frank has written a blog post on the topic and I think it’s a useful overview of the thinking. At Plative, we think there should be a balance between having…

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  • What Is Heroku? | Ask An Expert

    Introduction Heroku was one of the first Platform As A Service providers beginning development way back in 2007. Offering containerized runtime environments – Heroku focused on creating an easy to use, developer centric environment that abstracts much of the systems overhead and lets teams focus on writing amazing code.  Originally built for Ruby, Heroku now…

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