• Getting Started With Oracle NetSuite Custom Portlets

    What is a Portlet in NetSuite? Before we talk about NetSuite custom portlets, let’s define a portlet. A portlet is essentially a visual plug-in that you can add and arrange on your NetSuite dashboard to highlight certain information. It gives you a snapshot of your business, and the portlet options allow you to tailor your…

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  • Salesforce Shield Implementation | Securing Your Sensitive Data

    Secure Your Most Sensitive Data With Salesforce Shield Salesforce is the most widely adopted CRM platform in the world. With this, comes the responsibility of transmitting and storing very sensitive data from the world’s top companies. Salesforce takes this very seriously and released Salesforce Shield back in 2015. Salesforce Shield introduces a suite of compliance…

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  • Taking Ownership Of Your Most Valuable Asset: Yourself

    If you’re like me, you don’t read a lot of blogs. You might throw them a “like” on LinkedIn and Twitter every once in a while to show support to people you follow. The most long-form content you read on a regular basis is likely from newsletters like Morning Brew, The Skimm, or some other…

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  • #PlativeGameChangers | Meet Kunal!

    Meet Kunal Jain, Salesforce Engineer at Plative! Fun Facts: Every weekend, I put on the chef’s hat and indulge in cooking vegetarian North Indian curries. I picked up this habit because of my love for food. I started to enjoy the cooking process even more after discovering how spices impact the dishes’ colors and flavors! …

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