• Get a Grip on Salesforce Activities

    Salesforce Activities help facilitate the story of an organization & its customers’ experience. They are key components of facilitating workflows on platform & transcend it in the form of meetings & other interactions. A helpful way to think of activities is as both the glue that binds entities & the lubrication that ensures all the…

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  • #PlativeGameChangers | Meet Sam!

    Meet Sam Lim, Nonprofit Salesforce Consultant at Plative! A Few Fun Facts: I love rescuing wildlife, rehabilitating them and putting them back into the wild. I saved a turtle, baby owl, snakes and a mockingbird and nursed them back to full health with my family. I love mountain biking. During my college years, I used…

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  • Branding Your Salesforce Community Cloud Implementation With a Custom Favicon

    Have you ever tried to replace the standard Salesforce cloud favicon to give that last final branding touch to your Salesforce Community Cloud implementation? If so, you know that it can be tricky. There could be different combinations of operating systems, browsers, types of files, and cached cookies that you would need to take into…

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  • My Plative Journey | Jagriti Dahiya

    I still remember my first video call with Plative, back then called GSD Company. During the recruiting process,  I met 5 people across different locations. Throughout the process, the 5 interviewers who are located from different locations, highlighted the importance of the company’s core values and based the interview questions on the values, which are…

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