• Step Up to Einstein Analytics for Salesforce

    Einstein Analytics for Salesforce replacing the “Quarterly Performance” default dashboard to bring critical and actionable performance analytics to the first screen I view when I log into Salesforce. My Beef With Traditional Reporting As a sales leader, most of my Salesforce requirements revolve around the following principle: I need my CRM to be an excellent…

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  • Trends for Project Success From our Director of Engineering

    Throughout my career, I have seen projects big and small lead to great successes and less-than-ideal outcomes. In fact, one memory that has stuck with me throughout is that of my very first job straight out of college. The year was 2009. The firm that I was working for at the time had embarked on…

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  • Preparing for Salesforce Data Migration with Nonprofit Success Pack

    For many nonprofit organizations, choosing to invest in Salesforce and creating your Salesforce data migration strategy to a brand new CRM can be exciting. However, one challenge that can present itself is not knowing how to fit legacy data into Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack architecture. This is a crucial step for ensuring that users will…

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  • FormAssembly and Salesforce for Nonprofits

    Throughout my career in the Salesforce ecosystem, there are moments where the same feature request will bubble up for 4 or 5 different customers, and its solution lies just beyond the core capability of Salesforce. In the past, it’s been everything from Salesforce to Quickbooks integration, mapping capabilities, or advanced quoting. Over the last few…

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