We Celebrate Diversity,
Equity & Inclusion

At Plative, we strive to create an environment that celebrates diversity, embraces inclusion, and creates the highest equity standards for our people. Plative will create a workplace that develops and promotes strategies and best practices to address gaps in representation for URGs, promotes work-life balance, and allows people from all backgrounds to have equal opportunities to succeed across Plative’s global workforce.

Our Values

We are passionate advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion and we strive to create a workplace that champions DEI with all of Plative’s stakeholders.
Internally, we are committed to learning, measuring, challenging and eradicating all forms of inequality at Plative. Externally, we are committed to standing up against inequality and adversity, regardless of outcome.
We strive to create a working environment where all employees are listened to and valued, where we accept others without bias, where we treat all people with dignity and where we value the collective power of teamwork.
We behave with integrity and we follow moral and ethical principles in all aspects of life. We extend this integrity to all professional areas at work such as decision making, interacting with colleagues or partners and serving our clients
We act with unconditional acceptance, without bias and we provide a safe space to grow and learn without judgement.

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Grow With Us

We are passionate about creating an environment where all our employees feel a sense of belonging and are encouraged to bring their best, authentic selves to work. We are committed to hiring top talent with diverse backgrounds and perspectives so that we can provide the best solutions for our clients.

Shaping our Future

Tune in to hear stories and experiences from Allye O’Brien, Director of Revenue Operations at Chief, and Tara Tokatly, VP of Solution Engineering at Salesforce around gender in the workplace and how we can drive change within our organizations.

In honor and celebration of Black History Month, Plative hosted a virtual fireside chat about mentorship within the black community, featuring Marco Cator, a founding member of Black Ladders, and Denise Herrera, former CEO of Toronto Caribbean Carnival and former Board Member of Destination Toronto and the Harbourfront Centre.

we recognize our clients who lead by example

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Women in Tech Panel

Women in Tech Panel: We’ve Got Your Back

Hometown – Kansas City, KS
Current city – Denver, CO

Why is DEI personally important to you?
I truly believe in helping create an environment where every person can thrive and feel a sense of belonging. Listening to and accepting different perspectives has only allowed me to grow and advocate for others.

What is one initiative at Plative that makes you proud to work here and why?
To help celebrate Women’s History Month, Plative hosted a Women Leading Tech event with leaders from Salesforce and Chief. I was lucky enough to help moderate the conversation with my colleague Sherry. I gained so much perspective and advice for my career and personal growth. I left the discussion feeling motivated and inspired. I’m so grateful and proud that Plative hosts and encourages events that help drive change and empower their employees.

Hometown – Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Current city – Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Why is DEI personally important to you?
Being a visible minority, it is very easy to feel out of place in certain environments. As a result, I continuously try to create an inclusive environment whether that is professionally or within my personal life. Understanding differing experiences, opinions and perspectives has helped mould me into the person that I am today. The more that we can empathize with and celebrate our differences the more creative, thoughtful and inclusive our decisions will be.

What is one initiative at Plative that makes you proud to work here and why?
Having the opportunity to lead The Power of Mentorship was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my professional career. It is unique to be given a platform to share your past experiences in front of an entire company and to have it met with sheer empathy. What made the experience even more incredible was that I was able to celebrate Denise Herrera and acknowledge the tremendous impact she has had in breaking down barriers for me and my family.

What does the Plative mission mean to you?
At Plative, our mission is to have a global impact by improving the performance of our clients. I believe that the only way that we can do that is through building a team with diverse opinions, experiences and voices. I’m confident that if we continue to build a company that reflects the change we want to see in our communities, then positive outcomes for our clients will be inevitable. I’m extraordinarily grateful to have an opportunity to influence our mission and can’t wait to meet the future individuals that will be a part of this journey.

Hometown – Wagga Wagga, Australia
Current city – New York, NY

Why is DEI personally important to you?
As a member of the LGBT community, I am at my best when I can bring my whole authentic self to work. Before I came out, I wasted so many emotional calories worrying about how my truth would be received and as a result, work could be a very stressful (and unproductive) place. No one should have to feel like this!

What is one initiative at Plative that makes you proud to work here and why?
Too hard to pick one! I have really enjoyed being a part of our DEI formation and seeing it snowball into new, exciting and organic initiatives. It’s been incredible to see how important this is to so many Plativites and how the work that we are doing is creating connections amongst our global team.

What does the Plative mission mean to you?
As a NonProfit Client Partner, I enjoy working with NonProfits that champion DEI causes – this really echo’s our mission of making a global impact by improving the performance of our clients. Being able to learn about their mission & methods and then helping them to activate these via Salesforce technology is really exciting! These customers always make for great conversation as well.

Hometown – Harrington Park, NJ
Current city – New York, NY

What is one initiative at Plative that makes you proud to work here and why?
The launch of the DEI committee! It has been so rewarding being a part of the committee when it first started and seeing the impact it has on the company and the people. What makes me proud to work at Plative is knowing that the leaders at the company value diversity, equity, and inclusion, are fully supportive of all DEI initiatives, and act on the committee’s values.

Describe a time someone or something made you feel included at work
The increase in anti-asian violence around the world had an impact on my well-being and I was fortunate enough to have colleagues check-in on me and ask how I was doing and how they could support me. Having colleagues who cab check-in on a regular basis has made me feel included at work.

Hometown – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Current city – Roswell, GA

Why is DEI personally important to you?
Growing up in a multicultural and multireligious family, I’ve always struggled to understand where I “fit in”. As a kid, I felt as though my identity was too fluid and that while I could be a member of multiple communities, I was never truly wholly considered an included member. However, I’ve come to realize that my diverse background and community fluidity are wonderful attributes that can help others feel more connected and included everywhere.

What does the Plative mission mean to you?
I have one main goal in life — make everyone else around me better than they were yesterday. I joined Plative because our core values and mission align 100% with my vision — we’re always striving to make a positive impact on our clients and in our communities.

Describe a time someone or something made you feel included at work
This is an easy answer at Plative — everyday. Across the board and globe, at all hours of the day, someone at Plative is always willing to “extend a hand”. We’re building an awesome workplace and really excited to see where we grow from here!

Hometown – Delhi, India
Current city – Delhi, India

Why is DEI personally important to you?
D – A diverse team is more robust and comes with a variety of ideas on a project and I have always appreciated and cherished it, E – Equality is super important for the human race in general. People feel free and open to express themselves in an environment where they feel more like equals. I – Inclusion motivates people to bring forth their views and thoughts.

What is one initiative at Plative that makes you proud to work here and why?
The Health and Wellness Committee – this was the first committee started at Plative. I am happy that I get to be a part of it, as a healthy team is a better team.